Part 1 Certification Training: 

Part 1 Certification Training is approved by the Ministry of Labour. Click here for more information and pricing

Part 2 Certification Training: 
These courses are recommended for all members of the JHSC and H&S representatives, supervisors and managers. Click here for more information and pricing

Refresher Training:

Training will provide an opportunity for certified members to share and discuss what is working and not working in their workplaces. Key concepts from Certification Training are reviewed, current updates to legislation will be discussed. Click here for more information and pricing

Competent Supervisor Training:

The Act says that employers must hire ‘Competent Supervisors’. This training has been designed to ensure supervisors understand legislation and their role in the internal responsibility system, investigating critical injuries, and work refusals among other duties and responsibilities. Click here for more information

Other Training:

While we provide the health and safety content, you work with us to incorporate company values, mission and vision, and strategic direction. Your message becomes part of our message. Our products are amazingly effective – our size makes them surprisingly affordable. Click here for more information